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Pecan Creek Farm is located in the Blackland prairie of central Texas approximately 40 miles northeast of Austin. Over the last century the area economy has been dependent on large farming operations producing row crops such as cotton, corn and grain sorghum. Some of the area is now being returned to grazing and livestock production, and there’s a renewed emphasis on pasture and grassland management.

We have twenty acres of gently rolling land, and our property is divided by Pecan Creek. We’ve returned some of the land to native prairie grasses, and we continue to experiment with planting our pastures, amending the soil with organic materials, and rotating our grazing.

We are stocking our farm with Aberdeen Angus cattle. We’ve been breeding and raising Aberdeen Angus since 2003. We are developing our herd to provide commercial beef for a discerning market that demands quality meat that is free from hormones, antibiotics and chemical additives. Aberdeens are true Angus cattle—they do not carry any dwarfism genes. They are small in stature, and they can be grazed in greater density (head of cattle per acre) than the larger, more prevalent breeds. They are bred for efficient feed conversion and high ratio of meat production relative to carcass size. Because they are docile, naturally polled (hornless), and easy to manage—they are ideally suited for smaller acreage farms and ranches.

If you are wanting to maintain your agriculture exemption, Aberdeen are perfectly suited for stocking as limited an area as 3 to 5 acres.  Since Aberdeen are smaller they are also ideal for a young person accustomed to  smaller animals, wanting to show cattle but not ready for the larger steers and heifers.  We invite you to contact us for more information about Aberdeen Angus cattle.  We are proud members of the Southwest Aberdeen Angus Breeders Association—SLABA.